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Art & Craft Ideas

Children's art and craft ideas where you can find inspiration for yourself, your children, your class or your group of children when you are looking for something to make. We have collected on our Pinterest boards crafts for all seasons, for events, art ideas for little children and more.

Once children have had some practice at making things, using different materials and achieved success by following someone else's craft instructions, they might progress to have their own creative ideas from having gained hands on experience.

Children learn and develop skills by doing things themselves. They need to develop dexterity to avoid frustration when they are crafting. Children may need help from an adult and will need patience to develop the skills required to enable them produce whatever they have in mind. Eventually, they can become experts by constantly achieving and can be proud of their personal artistic flair and ingenuity of design.

We believe that children have vivid imaginations and creativity. From this they can produce their own original pieces of art work with their own vision due to their own personal inventiveness.

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