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  • Bleeding Tissue Paper

  • Price : £4.99

20 assorted colour sheets of tissue paper which will bleed when wet. This speciality tissue is especially for creating watercolour effects as a form of art work. The paper can be ripped, torn and scrunched, then wetted with a paintbrush which has been dipped in water. The colour will run, transferring the colour dyes within the tissue on to paper, card, fabric or canvas. Alternatively, the tissue paper can be placed directly onto a wet surface or sprayed with water.

This bleeding tissue art process is a great technique for both children and adults to learn to do to create very individual pieces of artwork. A highly creative medium which is suitable for all ages.

  • Pack quantity: 20 sheets bleeding tissue paper
  • Sheet size: (50cm x 76cm)
  • Colours included: white, black, brown, 3 shades of green, yellow, 2 shades of orange, 2 shades of red, 3 shades of pink, purple, 5 shades of blue
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